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Connect with great funds you can market to LPs in your region

A capital raising advisor

Often works with many clients at once 

An Arbour Partner

Understands that deep relationships lead to successful outcomes 


With Arbour I’m able to bring opportunities to some of the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors in Europe.

Alexander Thiel, Arbour Partner, Paris

Why should I become
an Arbour Partner?

Because we can improve your capital-raising potential

With contacts around the world and a deep understanding of the alternatives market, we continue to originate larger mandates for our Partners.

That means you get to bring larger funds to larger LPs. And because we take care of the admin, you can spend your time closing deals with investors.


Because you’re our client, not our employee

You’re a VIP client. We respect your independence, and your relationship with Arbour won’t affect any mandates you’ve acquired on your own. You work with Arbour’s fund managers when it works for you and your LPs.


Because you work with who you want, when you want

We don’t allocate funds from on high. You must believe in the manager you are representing – you need to know in your heart that their fund can deliver for your LPs. If you don’t get that feeling, you can’t truly be their ambassador.

Because our infrastructure removes stress and complexity from the fundraising process

You maintain your independence, but you’re also part of the Arbour family with all the support that entails.

We are committed to the latest standard and digital processes, and we are highly efficient. Everything is taken care of behind the scenes, from road shows to regulatory approval. With minimal admin, you’re free to focus on the mandates that make a difference to your business.

Benefits of the Arbour Digital Platform


Because we promote fair fee sharing

Our Partners are rewarded for their hard work.

Remember, we don’t allocate funds – you work with the funds you believe you can sell in your markets. You should expect a material improvement to your overall compensation.

How does Arbour meet the challenge of shifting regulations?

Fully regulated marketing process for alternative investment funds via the:

  • FCA (UK)
  • BaFin (Germany)
  • Full passports across most European countries (BaFin)
  • With the ability to do fully regulated marketing in Switzerland, the US and core Asian countries

Your concerns are legitimate…

The regulatory environment has changed drastically with Brexit and the new European directives for cross-border marketing.

…but we’ve got this covered.

Arbour Partners can market managers in all major financial markets in Europe (incl. UK and Switzerland), the US and Asia.

If you aren’t personally regulated or only regulated locally and can’t market across borders, we’ll stand with you. Extensive research and a proprietary technology system keep us all – Arbour, our partners and fund managers – up to date with international and local regulations.

What’s the next step to becoming an Arbour Partner?

If you are well connected and have the expertise, dedication and determination to become an Arbour Partner, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch