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Where alternative managers work with local advisors for a smarter fundraising experience

By your side
from first contact
to final close

We give managers access to 1000s of new LPs and advisors the chance to work with the very best funds.

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Removing stress and complexity from the private markets

We marshal the manager/advisor/investor relationship, take care of the admin and support you every step of the way.

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Providing a high value, low hassle proposition for primary and secondary investing

High value because we deliver high-probability conversations. Low hassle because you control who you work with, and how.

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For Capital Raising Advisors

Access a selection of asset managers you can bring to your LP contacts.


What’s the difference between an advisor and an Arbour Partner?

For Fund Managers

Arbour is the gateway to experienced and dedicated institutional advisors focused on where you want to raise capital.


Why is an Arbour Partner right for my fund?

For Investors

We are dedicated to your goals throughout the investment cycle – from primary allocations to secondary sales.


How do we help you work with the best managers and advisors?

“Arbour has been fantastic for my reputation because I get to work with great fund managers.”

Sandra Stohler, Arbour Partner, Switzerland

Focus on making a difference

Successful fundraising is about more than just great connections – we need to reduce the friction and focus on what matters. That’s why we offer a comprehensive administrative set-up, digital platform and operational support.

Let us take care of the rest

Let us handle regulatory approval

Keeping up with shifting regulations can be a drain on resources.

We provide full – always up-to-date – regulatory approval across Europe, the US and Asia, for fund managers and advisors.

We open regulatory doors